#35 – Twilight, část 4

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Jo ChenBrad Meltzer concludes his blockbuster run on BuffySeason Eight! After last issue’s climactic encounter between Buffy and the unmasked Twilight, the Slayer army’s entire mission has been altered and the true nature of the threat they face has been revealed.

Everyone is in place to confront the Big Bad once and for all as Buffy’s most epic season races toward the final arc, written by Joss Whedon!

* Executive produced by Buffy creator Joss Whedon!

Writer: Brad Meltzer

Penciller: Georges Jeanty

Inker: Andy Owens

Colorist: Michelle Madsen

Cover Artist: Georges Jeanty

Genre: Action/Adventure, Horror

Features: Preview

* Final issue of Brad Meltzer’s game-changing arc on Season Eight!

Publication Date: May 05, 2010

Format: FC, 40 pages

Price: $2.99

UPC: 7 61568 15740 6 03511